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2019 Atlanta Super Bowl Countdown: Super Bowl XLV

By |2019-01-04T16:13:05+00:00January 4th, 2019|Blog, Super Bowl News|

As we approach first weekend of the NFL playoffs, the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers are on the outside-looking-in at the chance to play in Super Bowl 53. In our countdown to the Super Bowl, we go back in time to Super Bowl XLV between the Packers and Steelers in 2011.

2019 Atlanta Super Bowl Countdown: Super Bowl XXXVIII

By |2018-12-07T15:58:03+00:00December 9th, 2018|Blog, Super Bowl News|

Week 14 is here, and with a Sunday packed full of playoff-implicating action, we're continuing to get closer to Super Bowl 53 with Super Bowl XXXVIII between the Carolina Panthers and, once again, the New England Patriots. 

2019 Atlanta Super Bowl Countdown: Super Bowl XXXVII

By |2018-12-07T15:52:54+00:00December 7th, 2018|Blog, Super Bowl News|

With Week 14 officially underway, the Super Bowl 53 playoff picture continues to clarify itself. On this Road to the 2019 Super Bowl in Atlanta, we're heading back to Super Bowl XXXVII between current Raiders (and former Buccaneers) head coach Jon Gruden's Tampa Bay Buccaneers are taking on the, funny enough, Oakland Raiders.