Favorite Ali Landry Doritos Super Bowl Commercials

Ali Landry was a former Miss USA in 1996 and a Super Bowl commercial star in 1998.  Doritos cast Ali Landry in a new Super Sunday commercial filmed in a laundromat, it was voted as the most memorable and sexiest ad to this day.  The crazy part is, that, the most successful commercials in 1998, 1999 and 2000 all included Landry during her three year contract with Doritos, which was a huge success for parent company Frito Lays and their brand, Doritos.

The 1998 commercial was truly memorable, Ali is doing laundry watching two guys toss up and snatch a Dorito chip with their mouth.  She slowly walks towards both guys (looking sexy as hell), and places all their chips in the dryer, she walks to the other end of the room and gracefully and sensuously grabs every Dorito tossed to her from the dryer with her mouth, simply amazing!

The 1999 Ad included Ali Landry as a beautiful tennis player about to show off her skills as a sexy Doritos girl, then, wamm! the Dorito hits her hard in the face and she falls to the ground unconscious.  The sexiness and grace she possessed the year prior was gone, she was a hot clumsy gal, this time around.

In the 2000 Super Bowl Commercial, Ali walks into a library filled with young men, she was promoting the brand, “Smokey Red BBQ Doritos”.  As she enters the library eating a Dorito, she’s so hot that she sets off the fire sprinkler system and water is dispersed all over everyone. She exits the library and the Sprinklers go off, then, she pops back in and eats one more chip and bamm!, the sprinklers go on again.  For me personally, she was one of the hottest girls ever to be seen in a SB Sunday Commercial.

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