Wild Card: Super Bowl XV

The Oakland Raiders and the Philadelphia Eagles showed up to play at Super Bowl XV with an end score of 27-10. The Raiders are known as being the first “wild card” team to win it big at the Super Bowl. In fact, this was the Raiders third Super Bowl appearance since it all began. The game was played on January 25th, 1981 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Louisiana Superdome. The amount of people in attendance at Super Bowl XV was 76,135 people.

MVP of Super Bowl XV was Jim Plunkett thanks to the two touchdown passes that he aided in. However, he earned the MVP title after completing 13 of 21 passes for 261 yards and three touchdowns. He was also said to be rushing for 9 yards. Jim Plunkett had quite the year because he was also the second Heisman Trophy winner in the Super Bowl.

The halftime show presented at Super Bowl XV was none other than Jim Skinner Productions presents “Mardi Gras Festival.” The network airing Super Bowl in 1981 was NBC and had an estimated 68.29 million viewers. The cost of a 30 second commercial came to $324,000!

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