NFL Raises Super Bowl Ticket Prices for 2014 Game!

As of October 4, 2013 at 4;00pm EST the NFL will officially raise all ticket prices for the game that will be held at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey just over the bridge for New York City. In some cases ticket prices will double which is 100% increase, in others they will be raised by roughly 33% for the upper level and standing room only seating locations.

If you haven’t already done so, mark your calendar for Sunday February 2nd, 2014, Super Bowl XLVII.  Lock in your custom package with hotel, game seats, tailgate events and game week parties all over New York City early.

Why Did the NFL Make These Changes?

Some fans are asking why would the NFL do this, I’m asking myself the same thing, let’s take a closer look below.

1. This year’s Super Bowl is being held in a region of the United States that allows for the largest number of drive in fans. This saves the fan big money in airfare and rental cars.
2. The North East is also heavily populated, this will be a major increase in demand from previous years.
3. Over the years ticket resellers have profited by selling tickets significantly higher than face value, the NFL closes the gap on this scenario.
4. This year the NFL issued 1,000 tickets through their annual lottery process, these winners must pick up tickets the day of the game and enter the stadium, they will not be allowed to resell their seats to SB XLVIII in New York – New Jersey. This is the first year such rules have been implemented for the lottery winners. See how to enter the lottery here!

How to Buy Packages and Tickets at Fair Market Value works direct with NFL sources for its ticket and package inventory, this will insure that customers who buy stand alone tickets or a complete travel package will pay a reasonable price and will not be taken advantage of by inflated face value seats.

The other thing to consider is the hotel inventory in New York and near Metlife Stadium, has hundreds of rooms under contract in all levels of service from inexpensive tourist class to 5 star luxury and everything in-between.

Call 1-866-881-5375 or visit us on facebook if you thinking about attending the game at the end of the NFL season, we would love to help you plan a great trip.

Big Cost Increase in Seat Prices Creates Safety for Attendees!

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