Defense Domination: Super Bowl VI

Super Bowl VI brought out 81,023 people to the Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana. The American football game was between the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins. It’s safe to say that the Dallas Cowboys gave it all they had and then some during this game. The Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins 24-3 on January 161972 during Super Bowl VI.

Ironically enough, going into Super Bowl VI the Cowboys had an interesting reputation. Some people thought they had no chance in winning a big game like the Super Bowl. A lot of this perceived reputation came from their Super Bowl V loss. However, the Cowboys more than dominated Super Bowl VI and continued to set record after record.

To this day, they even remain the only team to prevent their opponents from scoring a touchdown during the Super Bowl. The MVP of Super Bowl VI was none other than Roger Staubach. Staubach was the Cowboy’s quarterback who completed 12 out of 19 passes for 119 yards and even threw two touchdown passes. The halftime show for Super Bowl VI was a salute to Louis Armstrong by Carol Channing and Ella Fitzgerald accompanied by the U.S. Marine Corps Drill team.

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