Countdown to 2020 Super Bowl LIV Miami: Super Bowl VI

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In the 1971-72 NFL season, the Miami Dolphins began what would be the first of many dominant seasons, culminating in a Super Bowl VI matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. The Road to Super Bowl LIV in Miami in 2020 rolls on, stopping in New Orleans for Super Bowl VI.

Countdown to 2020 Super Bowl LIV Miami: Super Bowl V

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As we prepare to kick off the start of the 2019 NFL season, we're also hard at work preparing for Super Bowl LIV in Miami. Next up in our Countdown to Super Bowl 54 in 2020, we've got the Baltimore Colts capturing their first Super Bowl trophy of the AFL-NFL merger era, facing off against "America's Team."

2018 NFL Season: Top Matchups

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For some teams, the Road to Super Bowl 53 will be one filled with controversy, struggles and a roller coaster of a season; for others, the team will feel like a favorite the entire year. But as teams prepare for the 2018 NFL season, we're taking an early look at some of the top matchups of the 2018 NFL schedule.