50 Ideas for Celebrating Super Bowl 50

We’ve got a huge list of 50 ideas to celebrate the half-century birthday of the Super Bowl! It’s the golden anniversary for the best NFL game of the year! We can’t wait! Can you believe it? 50 years!

It’s time to get excited for the Super Bowl! This list will get your ready for the game! It’s going to be a while before another football anniversary this big comes around again! There are still quite a few teams in the running (especially for that wild card spot!) So get ready to cheer on your team with our ideas, because they might find some late season momentum that leads them to the Big Game!

Here’s our 50 ideas for 50 years:

  1. Get hyped!
  2. Start singing the “The Final Countdown” the closer we get to the Super Bowl.
  3. Buy yourself some tickets. (You’ve got to be there in person!)
  4. Find a favorite player to cheer for: Dez Bryant? Megatron? Odell Beckham?
  5. Create a new tradition of going to the game with your best friends.
  6. Know where your seats are. (Seating Chart)
  7. Mark the day on your calendar. (That’s February 7th)
  8. Cut cards to figure out which friends you’re taking with you.
  9. Eat lots of great tailgate food to get in the spirit!
  10. Put a countdown clock on your desktop.
  11. Schedule vacation days for the Monday after the game.
  12. Tell everyone in a 50 miles radius you’re going.
  13. Make fans signs. (A d-fence post perhaps?)
  14. Meditate for a minute on the beauty of football.
  15. Read up on some Super Bowl history. Spout those facts!
  16. Pick out pre-game music for a playlist.
  17. Memorize lots of the five thirty-eight blog to sound very smart.
  18. Look up sight-seeing ideas for the city.
  19. Figure out how to pack your ridiculous hat in a suitcase.
  20. Plan out everything you want to see in Super Bowl City.
  21. Correct someone about football vs. soccer.
  22. Post motivational quotes from retired coaches on your Facebook page.
  23. Play some football with the kids.
  24. Book a hotel for the Super Bowl.
  25. Outfit your pets in cute jerseys.
  26. Buy spare batteries for everything.
  27. Write a packing list!
  28. Start wearing a smile!
  29. Make travel plans, or buy a Super Bowl 2016 package.
  30. Look up the best post-game parties.
  31. Find outwhat stadium the Super Bowl will be held in. (That’s Levi’s Stadium.)
  32. Record all the playoffs games so you can binge watch the night before.
  33. Wear a ridiculous hat.
  34. Become a big Coldplay fan!
  35. Figure out transportation to the game.
  36. Plan out your Super Bowl Sunday food (mmm. brunch.)
  37. Double check your packing list.
  38. Try out some gold face paint before your wear it on game day.
  39. Practice vocal exercise to get your cheer loud and proud.
  40. Follow the NFL teams on Twitter to get behind the scenes looks at players.
  41. Maybe go to the playoffs to watch your team make the whole historic run.
  42. Go to the best Super Bowl pregame tailgate. (It’s totally the Super Bowl Players Tailgate.)
  43. Find someone to watch your pets while your gone.
  44. Catch up on how the final two have looked this season.
  45. Realize Levi’s Stadium isn’t actually in San Francisco. (It’s in Santa Clara.)
  46. Check the Super Bowl off your bucket list.
  47. Pack the jersey.
  48. Check the fantasy team, just once more.
  49. Make guesses about who will win. (Loser wears a hot dog costume next year.)
  50. Get to that game!

Did you think of something we missed? What have you done to get ready for this year’s Super Bowl? Let us know how you’re getting ready for the game on Super Bowl Tickets Facebook page or Twitter! Here’s hoping February 7th comes quickly!

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