2015 Super Bowl Predictions

If you aren’t afraid to admit it, you know that everyone has their own 2015 Super Bowl predictions. There are plenty of rumors flying around. Since the play offs are now beginning it seems as though the Seahawks and Patriots are a favorite.

Seahawks and Patriots

Looking at the line up the Seahawks and Patriots are on top, but that could change any minute. The Packers, Broncos, and Cowboys are following close behind. It’s all about the play offs and who will bring their biggest game. When it comes to looking at the pre-season odds and the post-season odds, the predictions really weren’t that far off. Although some are saying that the long shot teams are the really surprising teams in this year’s play offs, making the Super Bowl an even bigger deal.

20 Teams Down-12 to Go

Keep in mind that there are 20 teams that have basically left behind the dream of winning the Super Bowl in 2015, but there are still 12 teams that could take home the ultimate Super Bowl title.

Are the Seahawks Headed to the Super Bowl in 2015?

While everyone has their predictions about who will come out on top during the Super Bowl this year, only the actual Super Bowl will be able to dictate the winner. Even the odds for the Seahawks to head to the Super Bowl this year is 11-5 and the Patriots is 3-1. Honestly, as the list goes on the odds for other teams winning just gets worse and worse.

Now’s the time to follow the predictions and root for your favorite teams at the play offs. It’s only a matter of time before the Super Bowl gets here and the top two teams in the NFL get to “strut their stuff.”

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