Are the Colts Super Bowl Contenders Again?

The Indianapolis Colts look alive. Going into pre-season, the Colts were a popular pick to be Super Bowl 2016 champions. Then the season started. They had frustrations, mistakes, front-office drama, and lots and lots of penalties. Suddenly, after defeating an undefeated Denver Broncos team, the Colts are starting to look like the team everyone was expecting. If it lasts. IF it lasts, they might have a shot at the Super Bowl 50 title.

Football teams run on momentum, drives, and sparks. The Colts have been close to victories all season. The Monday night when the Indianapolis Colts took on the still-undefeated Carolina Panthers showed weaknesses on both sides. That game ran into overtime after an impressive second-half rally, and the Colts lost by a field goal. The Colts fans can feel it. The Colts have just been one thing shy, one ingredient short. A few key plays here and there would have flipped the tables on almost every game the Colts played this season. But with a good win over the Bronocs, maybe that switch has been flipped.

The Colts close out the season with a series of easy games leading up into the playoffs. All their worst games are behind them now. They’re sure to make it into a playoff spot given how dismal the rest of their division is. Knowing that Peyton Manning has difficulties after a bye-week in the playoffs, as Indianapolis fans well remember, the Colts have a real shot at making it a little farther than maybe they should in the post-season. Because the Colts tend to face the Broncos early in the playoffs.

There’s always a chance. Any given Sunday. If the Colts look impressive for the rest of this season, they’ll re-enter the national spotlight. If the Colts face their rivals, the New England Patriots again in the playoffs and play like they against the Bronco, it’s possible they’ll make it to the Big Game in February. Once a team makes it to the playoffs, everything is up in the air. It’s less about the season, and more about who stays healthy, who can still play, and who wants it more. This is starting to look like a team who has something to prove.

The Colts flashes of greatness they’ve shown throughout the season could lead to something more profound. If they could string a couple of those together, maybe work out the front office issues, stop looking so incompetent, and get a stampeded going. Then, maybe, they have a shot at the golden trophy come February.

If you’re a Colts fan, or a really big Andrew Luck fan, and you’re pretty sure they can make it all the way. We’ve got Super Bowl tickets and packages for that 50th Big Game. That way, you can watch the Colts play live, in person, in San Francisco (if they make it that far.) Maybe the Colts will take home some gold. It’s pretty rare that the undefeated teams win Super Bowls anyway, losing builds team character.

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